Effective Executive Team Program For More Profitable And Happier Company…

What Is Effective Executive Team Program?

The program for being a more effective top management team, organized once a month with the participation of Chairman Of The Board, CEO, General Manager and Vice General Managers.


* More effective company intelligence in terms of the vision of the company, strategic agenda, business plans, operations, organization, executives.

* More synergistic environment with company ecosystem such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, industry associations, government and media etc.

* Motivation increases.

* The productivity and innovation increase.

* The costs decrease.

* Performance increases.

* Competition advantage.

* More profitable and happier company.

The Benefits Of Top Executives

* They may increase self awareness, team awareness.

* They may manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviours more effectively.

* They may manage emotions, perceptions and expectations of their team more effectively.

* They may use their potential.

* They may manage any crisis, conflict and stress more effectively.

* They give the power the right persons. (They delegate the right tasks to the right persons.)

* They upgrade the right persons.

* They hire the most suitable person to the job.

* They build and develop teams, task forces in compliance with their strategy.

* They make innovations.

* They develop their leadership skills.

* They manage their board of management and board of executives more effectively.

* They increase the performance of the whole organization and the departments such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Tecnical and Administrative Departments. 

* They develop company culture.

* They attract and bring high potential and talented people to the company.

* They are more successful at developing a predecessor.


About Us

Gürsoy Erol, with over 20 years experience, is a professional management consultant for top executives such as Chairman Of Board, CEO, General Manager and Executive Team. He is graduated from Middle East Technical University which is one of the ivy league universities of Turkey. He has worked in Thomas International Turkey as a senior management consultant. He has consulted some top executives such as Arçelik, Kordsa, Borusan, Eczacıbaşı İlaç, Koç Sistem, Cargill, Astra Zeneca, Swiss Otel, Çilek Mobilya, Novartis, Philips, Intertech, DHL, Kartonsan, Henkel, Johnson& Johnson. He established GES Management Consulting in 2002. Now, he is consulting many executives and teams about being more effective team.