What Is Effective Leader Program?

Valuable advices to the company leaders which they cannot get from any other domestic or international consulting firms.

Organized once a month for the Chairman Of The Board, CEO, General Manager.


The Benefits Of Leaders

* They may increase self awareness, team awareness.

* They may manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviours more effectively.

* They may manage emotions, perceptions and expectations of their team more effectively.

* They may use their potential.

* They may manage any crisis, conflict and stress more effectively.

* They give the power the right persons. (They delegate the right tasks to the right persons.)

* They upgrade the right persons.

* They hire the most suitable person to the job.

* They build and develop teams, task forces in compliance with their strategy.

* They make innovations.

* They develop their leadership skills.

* They manage their board of management and board of executives more effectively.

* They increase the performance of the whole organization and the departments such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Tecnical and Administrative Departments.

* They develop company culture.

* They attract and bring high potential and talented people to the company.

* They are more successful at developing a predecessor.


Benefits Of The Company

* More effective company intelligence in terms of the vision of the company, strategic agenda, business plans, operations, organization, executives.

* More synergistic environment with company ecosystem such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, industry associations, government and media etc.

* Motivation increases.

* The productivity and innovation increase.

* The costs decrease.

* Performance increases.

* Competition advantage.

* More profitable and happier company.


About Us

Gürsoy Erol, with over 20 years experience, is a management consultant for company leaders such as Chairman, CEO or General Managers. He is graduated from Middle East Technical University. He has worked in Thomas International Turkey as a management consultant. He has consulted some companies such as Arçelik, Kordsa, Borusan, Eczacıbaşı İlaç, Koç Sistem, Cargill, Astra Zeneca, Swiss Otel, Çilek Mobilya, Novartis, Philips, Intertech, DHL, Kartonsan, Henkel, Johnson& Johnson. He established GES Management Consulting in 2002. Now, he is giving management consulting services many company leaders.

Service Content : Valuable advices to the leader which he/she cannot get from any other domestic or international consulting firms.
Mission : Being third eye of the leader.
Vision : Effective company is possible only with effective leader.
Strategy : The destiny of a company is the character of the leader.