What is Cockpit Program?

Think that a company as a plane and a CEO  as a pilot.

Visualize that  the indicators in the cockpit provide the right information and effective direction to the pilots about the plane.

So, Cockpit Program provides the right information and effective direction to the CEO’s about the company to improve the performance, motivation and potential.

It is composed of professional people assessments, coaching and consulting.

Where does it contribute effectively to the company?

* Improving revenue and profit

* Cost reduction

* Increasing sales

* Gaining advantage s over the competitors

* Effective crisis management

* Putting the right people in the right job or right position  or right role in the team

* Recruiting an effective executive

* Promoting an effective person to the executive level

* Retaining high performing executives

* Selecting an  effective executive for a special mission

* Building an effective team for special team

* Reorganization – restructuring

The Implementation Of Cockpit Program

1. Accurate assessment of the executive team that listed indicators below:

* The state of motivation

* Job, career, position, role satisfaction

* Satisfaction from his/her executive

* Life satisfaction

* State of health

* Personality type

* Potential

* Knowledge, experience & skills

* Strengths & Weaknesses

* Coaching, training & development  needs

* Behaviour under stress

* Impact on financial table

* The compatibility between the role & expectation of the company and his/her capabilities.

* Action plan for improving executive team performance

2. The company according to executive team’s view that listed indicators below :

 (Their  opinions, perceptions, attitutes, ideas, beliefs, motivations  and emotions about the the company )

* Sector

* Products & Services

* Customers

* Suppliers

* Competitors

* Strengths & Weaknesses

* Opportunities & Threats

* Strategic Plans

* Operations

* Organization

* Human Resources Profile

* Financial Tables

* The roles, positions, performances expected from executives individually and as a team.

* Action plan for improving company performance

3. Along one year,  delivering  the accurate people assessment,  right information,  high motivation,  effective direction and  action plan to improve  the performance  of the client company.